6 Important Things You Should Know about Vaping in Vancouver

Vaping has certainly found its place in Vancouver’s cultural landscape. For locals and newcomers interested in this practice, it’s crucial to understand the specifics that govern vaping and vaping equipement in the city. Here, we delve deeper into the six key aspects that you should know when thinking of vaping once you arrive in Vancouver.
Legal Age for Vaping
In British Columbia (BC), the legal age for purchasing vaping products is firmly set at 19 years old. This rule is strictly upheld across all types of products related to vaping, regardless of …

As a Response to Drought, Kamloops Temporarily Closes Parks, Trails, and Bike Park

Due to extreme fire danger and a Level 5 drought, the City of Kamloops has taken the step of closing all nature parks and trails to the public. 
The decision was made by Fire Chief Ken Uzeloc to ensure public safety as both the fire danger rating and drought severity are at the highest levels according to provincial scales.
The closures, effective from 4 PM on Friday, August 4, cover all nature parks and nature trails, including the Kamloops Bike Ranch. The exact list of parks affected by the order is yet to be …

Lasting Love: B.C. Man’s Touching Proposal at Van Gogh Art Exhibit

In 2021, Don Iverson’s unexpected proposal to his girlfriend Chandra Pope at the Imagine van Gogh exhibit in Vancouver captured attention when it went viral in a Postmedia story. 
This proposal held special significance for the couple due to Iverson’s struggle to express his love during their courtship.
A year before this heartwarming moment, Iverson had been diagnosed with aggressive Stage-IV mantle cell lymphoma, a terminal blood cancer. 
Amid the …

Scientists Identify Climate Change Impact in Summer 2023

This summer has brought a series of unusual and extreme weather events to Canada, which scientists attribute to climate change. The country has witnessed floods, droughts, warm temperatures, and widespread wildfires, highlighting the impact of climate change on weather patterns.
Drought conditions have been particularly concerning. Agriculture Canada’s drought map shows large parts of the country experiencing abnormally dry conditions, with the Prairies facing moderate to extreme drought. 
Even typically wet …