Explore Vancouver's Rich Cultural Events Calendar

As a melting pot of cultures and traditions, Vancouver proudly hosts an array of vibrant cultural events throughout the year, celebrating the rich diversity of its residents and fostering a sense of unity among its communities. 

From honoring historical figures to embracing various heritage festivities, the city showcases its multicultural spirit through these annual gatherings:


  • Robbie Burns Day – A homage to Scotland’s national poet, Robbie Burns Day sees small events scattered across the city, where Scots and enthusiasts commemorate his legacy through poetry, music, and Scottish traditions.


  • Chinese New Year – Marked by a lively parade in Chinatown and other festivities, Vancouver welcomes the Chinese New Year with vibrant displays of lion dances, cultural performances, and vibrant decorations that usher in the auspicious year ahead.
  • Hoobiyee – A special two-day festival celebrating the Nisga’a New Year, Hoobiyee captivates with traditional storytelling, dancing, and singing that honor the Nisga’a Nation’s rich heritage.
  • Talking Stick Festival – A dedicated platform for First Nations art and performances, the Talking Stick Festival reverberates with Indigenous culture, showcasing indigenous artistry and expressions across various venues.


  • Persian New Year Fire Festival – Held at Ambleside in West Vancouver, this festival illuminates the arrival of the Persian New Year with fire-themed displays, music, and cultural presentations.
  • CelticFest Vancouver – The city comes alive with Celtic culture during CelticFest, celebrating everything Celtic, including St. Patrick’s Day, with vibrant parades, music, and cultural events.
  • Festival du Bois – BC’s largest francophone festival, held in Coquitlam, brings the enchanting sounds of French music, dance, and cuisine to the heart of the Lower Mainland.


  • Coastal First Nations Dance Festival – This festival captivates with mesmerizing Indigenous dance performances, embodying the essence of First Nations cultures and stories.
  • Vancouver and Surrey Vaisakhi Parades – Vibrant Punjabi festival events, the Vaisakhi Parades joyously celebrate the Punjabi New Year with colorful processions and cultural expressions.


  • European Festival – Swangard Stadium transforms into a lively celebration of European culture during this festival, offering an immersive experience of European traditions, music, and cuisine.


  • Greek Day on Broadway – Broadway Avenue in Kitsilano becomes a bustling hub of Greek culture during this street festival, inviting attendees to indulge in Greek cuisine, music, and dances.


  • Caribbean Days Festival – The North Vancouver waterfront comes alive with the vibrant rhythms and flavors of the Caribbean, showcasing the cultural richness of the region.


  • Richmond World Festival – A multicultural extravaganza at Minoru Park, this festival showcases the diverse heritage of Richmond’s residents through music, dance, and international cuisine.
  • Taiwanfest – Transforming Granville Street on the Labor Day Long Weekend, Taiwanfest offers a window into Taiwanese culture through performances, art, and food.
  • Nikkei Matsuri – A Japanese festival in Burnaby, the Nikkei Matsuri features traditional arts, crafts, and performances that honor the Japanese heritage.


  • Chutzpah Festival – Highlighting Jewish performing arts, the Chutzpah Festival is a captivating showcase of creativity, offering a space for Jewish artists to share their stories and talents.


  • Remembrance Day – A solemn day of remembrance, Vancouver joins North America in honoring the sacrifices of veterans and reflecting on the significance of past wars.


  • Christmas – From festive lights to holiday markets, Vancouver sparkles with the warmth and magic of the holiday season, welcoming residents and visitors alike to share in the joy of the celebrations.
  • Colombian Fiesta de las Velitas – Hosted by the Colombian community, this public party commemorates Colombian traditions, bringing the joy of the holiday season to the streets.
  • Dundarave Festival of Lights – A multicultural and Christmas-themed series of events in West Vancouver, the Dundarave Festival of Lights ushers in the holiday spirit with enchanting displays and community gatherings.

These events not only honor the cultures that call Van

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